Traditional and rare breeds

Our stock of traditional and rare breed lamb and beef varies on a weekly basis and so it is advisable to call us for details if you require a specific breed. Below are some examples of our sources of stock.

Dexter CattleDexter Cattle

Our cattle are sourced from several farmers who specialise in different breeds. You can see here long legged pure bred Dexter Cattle bred by C.Taylor, Broomcroft Farm, Kenley, Shropshire - which are fed on grass and clover pasture.

Gloucester Old Spot PigsGloucester Old Spot Pigs

Our Gloucester Old Spot pigs are sourced from the Earl of Plymouth's Estate, Ludlow - and in our opinion it is the best tasting pork we have had in over eighty years of trading.

Hebridean Lambs

Hebridean Lambs

These Hebridean lambs bred by K. Brandon, Hamley Hall Farm, Colton, Staffordshire - are raised in small manageable flocks and graze on the fertile pasture land.

Label L'Anglais ChickensLabel L'Anglais Chickens

Label L'Anglais free range chickens from Temple Farm, Roydon, Essex - are chickens raised the old fashioned way.

They are developed from the Old British breed 'Cornish Red' and because of this they are suited to our climate and thrive on their pasture land. Feeding only on natural feeds with no antibiotics or 'growth' additives means they are slower growing than modern chickens thus giving the meat longer to develop a good texture and flavour.

Packington Free Range Chickens

Packington Free Range Chickens

Packington free range chickens from Blackenhall Park, Barton-Under-Needwood, Stafforshire - are reared in small groups on traditional pasture land that is in schemes in environmental partnership with Natural England.

This care for the land ensures the chickens have the best growing environment and produces richly flavoured meat often lost in today's intensive farming methods. 




The service, as expected, is friendly, efficient and impeccable. At the small delicatessen adjacent to it, one can find and amazing selection of charcuteries, cheeses, sauces, mouth watering home made pies and locally produced breads.

Elvio Bonaldo

Just had to tell you that the Dexter rib-eye steaks were amazing! We loved them and the chicken and the sausages, farmer Simon was very impressed!

Gay Cox

We have just eaten a piece of your superb sirloin beef which we saved to have with son number 2 from London. What a joy! We all said it is ages since we tasted beef like it! I'm going to stop being so lazy and ditch the supermarket meat. You will be seeing more of me in future!


John and Ann went the extra mile for me, literally, when a major spinal operation kept me house bound. They immediately offered to take my order over the phone and deliver the same day. I am sure John's sausage and Ann's cheese helped me to full recovery.

Keith Jones

Ann was marvellous in providing a cheese tower for our wedding supper. She proposed a range of special cheeses to suite all tastes and arranged a tasting session at the shop. Her personal care and expert advice ensured our guests thought the cheese tower was wonderful.

Alison Marsh

A Johnson Butchers